What Should You Do If Your Carpet Is Flooded?

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Imagine being in bed, thinking what a wonderful place it is despite the fact that there is a raging storm outside, only to wake up to find it’s raining “inside the home.” Yes, it’s leaking through the cracks in your ceiling and onto your spotless carpet.

Alternatively, you’ve returned home from a romantic supper with your wife/partner/girlfriend to discover that a pipe has burst all over the floor of your living room. In any case, things aren’t looking good for your wet carpet. So, what are you going to do?

Remember Not to Panic

The first thing to remember is not to panic, but also not to procrastinate. Yes! That’s what experts at a local carpet cleaning firm in Turner say. The longer your carpet is damp, the more probable it may sustain long-term damage, such as mold. However, before you do anything with your carpet, you must first identify and eliminate the source of the water. If a pipe is leaking, cut off the water at the main valve until the pipe can be repaired.

Remove Furniture and Objects

The following task is to remove any objects or furniture from the wet area. This includes drapes that are in contact with the floor, as well as any upholstery. Place your furniture and possessions in a dry location away from the carpet. Remove any electronics or unplug any devices in the vicinity of the moist area.

Prepare your Carpet for Removal

A carpet is typically made up of two backs that are glued together using powerful carpet adhesive. If the adhesive becomes wet, the two carpet backs will simply peel apart like a ripe banana. If this is the case, you will see regions of bubbling, which is a strong indication that your carpet has separated from the backing and is moist. In the worst-case situation, the tufts of your carpet will simply rip out since there is nothing holding them in place. As a result, if you have a damp carpet, you should prepare it for removal while you call the specialists. Using pliers and work gloves, gently pry it away from the carpet tacking.

A Word of Advice

If your carpet is completely soaked, do not attempt to dry it yourself! Professional carpet cleaning services use high-powered equipment that can extract moisture from most carpets. You won’t be able to accomplish this using a regular carpet cleaner you bought at the shop. According to Carpet Cleaning experts in Turner, if you don’t get all of the moisture out, your carpet will not only stink but will also become a breeding ground for mould. Depending on the business you select and the amount of water, they may also need to install strong fans to dry out the whole area before reintroducing the carpet and furniture.